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5 Questions About Branding


Starting a new business?
Relaunching your exist business?
Ok, Have you ever heard about branding?
Don’t Worry we have everything in this article, Let’s start with our first question..

1) What’s Branding? 

At the beginning we can mention the basic definition of Branding which is “The process of creating a unique image of the brand in consumers’ mind”, Or it’s the shaping of a product or service in order to be identifiable by the consumers’s mind.

Others thought that branding is some marketing practice to make your product or service easily distinguished from other products and services. 

Also the other side of branding is to build a brand that can represent your company or business in a suitable way which allows you to gain a good reputation. Your brand affect what’s expected from you by your customers, It shows who are you and where are your business standing. 

Let’s take as an example “Walt Disney” 

Walt Disney is one of the most successful examples of branding in the world as they succeed to build their image in the mind of nearly most of the world’s population. 

Disney has a clear message from its early beginning which is to create happiness through a magical experience, That’s why Disney world exist according to their vision. 

In accordance, mostly every one of us had this childhood dream about the magical world which leads directly to Disney World. It’s always your mind’s first choice when you ever thought about happiness and magic you just saw the image of Disney world pop up in your mind. And Disney managed to create its brand to be a life experience to all the family members not only for the children. 

Also there are many successful branding examples around the world, All of us are dealing with them every day without recognizing that these companies succeed to build the images they want in our minds. Another example is Apple with its popular slogan “Think Different” which drives your mind to remember Apple whenever thought about anything different or unique.

2) Why Branding?

Branding is a critical matter to every business whether it’s a big one or a startup small business, It should be always a priority to the business owner. 

Branding helps recognition 

It can promote the recognition of your business which encourage more people to be your customers and buy your product or take your service, Because people tend to stick to familiarity so they will always thought of the known brand to them as a choice.

Branding guarantees you a safe place in the competition 

Standing in a competitive market is not an easy mission, Especially if you’re ambitious and looking forward to take a share in the global marketing not the local one only. Your brand will help you to set apart from the other competitors and be distinctive to the consumers. 

Branding increase business value 

Importance of branding increase when you’re looking for the future of your business. As a good brand can increase the value of your business by giving it a prestige in the market which affect the point of view of the audience to your business.

Branding and expectations 

A good established brand set the expectations for your brand and allows the customer to know what they’re expecting when they deal with your business.

Branding build trust 

A professional appearance build a trusted reputation which encourage people to deal with you.

People are most likely tend to get their needs from a trusted place with a settled system.

Branding supports advertising 

Branding is an important factor which affects the advertisement strategy of the business because using promo codes or offer coupons from a trusted company differs than receiving offers from unknown one.

Branding improves employees satisfaction 

Working for Apple or Microsoft would be an absolute pride for sure. It’s logical that working for a strongly branded company will increase the employees pride and encourage them to stand behind the brand putting all their potentials in the work.

3) What are the types of branding?

Talking about branding we will need to explain its types. It’s very important to differentiate between these types in order to understand the overall idea about the branding.

Corporate Branding 

Every company or business must have its own overall branding which identify its image and reputation in the market. Also whatever is done by the company it can easily affect the corporate branding, That’s why the decision makers have to be careful in taking actions related to the whole brand image because it can easily drive a negative effect.

Corporate brand is important for all the new product brandings which can come beneath it that the new product branding has a better chance to be known if the corporate branding is strong.

Product Branding 

It’s the more common type of branding. Product branding is successful when the product grab your attention and push you to buy this product over any other product. However, Product branding is important to the corporates have multiple services that it allow the customer to recognize its product.

Personal Branding 

In today’s world the value of personal branding had increased because of the power of the social media platforms and its effect on people’s live. Personal branding is very important to the athletes, musicians, politicians and others where all of them will try hard to build their brand in a way which will motivate the people to “love, vote, watch, listen…etc” them, It’s their first goal. The brand image and reputation can be good or bad, So it’s necessary to work on it.

4) What are the elements of branding?

Branding process must cover the presence and quality of some important brand elements. We will try to illustrate this elements using examples from the real life for each element. 

Brand Name 

It must be an easy step to take in minutes, But choosing an iconic name for your brand to be permanent and unchangeable is a bit hard.

Brand name needs to tell the people about your company and product, Not to be related only to a specific time or market, Unique to distinguish your products.

Moreover brand name is preferred to be simple and short, easy to spell, read and pronounce in all languages and with one way, And can be remembered.




Logo Or Wordmark

Logo is the visual or graphic symbol that identifies your brand, whereas Wordmark is the words or letters of your brand name positioned is a specific and fixed way.

It may need some effort to choose logo or wordmark, Logo is always more expensive as it needs a good creative Logo designer. However, A good logo can mean professionalism.

You have to be sure that your Logo is unique or it will lose its purpose.


Logo: Apple & Mercedes-benz

Wordmark: Coca-Cola


Key Colors

It's a color palette usually related to logo colors. These colors are used by the company or the business in nearly everything.

And it’s important to stick to these colors that it forms an effective part of your brand.

Some companies managed to build a strong branding to the limit that lead your mind to think about their brand once you saw their key colors.


Yellow as a Key Color for YellowPages

Red as a Key Color for Virgin Mega Store



First of all, It is not an easy mission. Putting your vision and description in a single phrase is not a something to be achieved easily.

Slogan means a catchphrase that identify your company or product. It aims mainly to leave impression in consumers’ minds and always be remembered.

There are some characteristics for the good slogan such as: Being simple, Memorable, Deliver a message And Pass a positive feelings about the brand.


Nike: Just Do It!

BMW: Designed for Driving pleasure


The power of visual again. Using unique and different or even known graphics in the right way can be identifiable component of your brand, It help the consumers to recognize your products or services without seeing any other indicator for your brand.


Burberry Pattern


Typefaces & Fonts

Constancy matters a lot, During the branding phase it’s necessary to choose a typeface and font for the whole company or business. In some cases typeface or font can be derived from the Logo’s font and in other cases this wouldn’t be possible due to its nature.

So that choosing these typeface or font is important because it will be used in every printed or non-printed objects related to the business whether it’s product, advertisement, printed cards or brochures….etc

5) How to use digital marketing in branding?

I think this questions is not only a part of this topic, But it’s a part of any topic nowadays. 

The power of social media and digital marketing surpass the power of the other means, Any social media platform is considered as a perfect place to interact with your target audience in order to build a fan base, deliver your idea and establish you brand.

Also it’s more than using social media platforms, Companies and startup business today use different methods such as professional websites , mobile apps and SEO marketing to construct their brand in a way that meets their target audience desires and needs which are easily to be predicted by these methods. 

However, Social media platforms can be useful to verify or fix your brand, You will need to follow some steps such as always post the same content on all the channels, Keep the professional behavior and don’t miss the emotions, Post frequently the same type of posts, Use your branding elements in your channels. 

Following such a steps may help in your branding mission and allows you to reach to more and more potential customers.  Finally, Don’t underestimate the power of a strong brand on your business development, it really helps. 

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