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The process of exchanging of the goods and services, buying and selling started in the prehistoric time with the other human communication methods and no dear IT’S NOT a historic topic I’m taking you now to the 21s century where the trading process take place between people who have no option to see each other.

So, Have you ever heard about the E-commerce?

What’s E-commerce?

We don’t want to go with the dull or too technical definitions as we prefer that easily to understand ones. Firstly Ecommerce is the shorten of “Electronic Commerce” and the most understandable Definition of E-commerce is “Selling and buying of goods and services through electronic medium just like the internet”. 

Back then when the e-commerce took place for the first time in the 70s of the nineteen century the process was not as easy as it is nowadays. In the past the process was very complicated and not convenient for everyone, While today it’s very simple for anyone in anytime to purchase any kind of products and services online from professional websites or online store through a few and soft steps without going anywhere physically. 

What’s The E-commerce Websites?

Ecommerce websites are online portals that allow transactions between goods and services over the internet and the transfer of the funds too. 

There are different types of ecommerce websites arranged according to their functions. These types are:- 

• Business-to-Business (B2B): Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies and consumers.

• Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): Electronic transactions of goods and services between consumers, mostly through a third party.

• Consumer-to-Business (C2B): Electronic transactions of goods and services where individuals offer products or services to companies.

• Business-to-Administration (B2A): Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies and public administrations.

• Consumer-to-Administration (C2A): Electronic transactions of goods and services between individuals and public administrations.

I think that the most important question which have no clear answer with most of us is

How it works?

Figuring out the working mechanism of ecommerce can drift you to technical understandable steps that need experts to get the valid meaning of the words, So we will try hard to keep this article away from the programming matters. 

The process of buying product or service online based on some essential elements:- 



-Shopping Cart

-Payment gateway account

-SSL Certificate

-Merchant account


We will use a short explanation for each one of the above elements


No hidden meanings here, customer is always customer. A person or company or any kinds of institutions who want to get his needs of products or services by start surfing the internet using his web browser. 


It’s logical that whoever run ecommerce business will need a web developer to build a website so the customer can sending and receiving information over the internet. 

Shopping Cart 

Shopping cart is a kind of software used by the website in order to keep track on customer’s actions like buying, drop items or change quantities of the product. 

After the customer is done with the shopping and choosing the items he will checkout which means sending the sales total to the next step.

Payment Gateway Account 

Also considered as the “Middle Man” in this process. It allows the website to send data to merchant account. Or it’s the credit card processor which provide the path between the ecommerce website and the merchant account. 

SSL Certificate 

SSL stands for A Secure Socket Layer 

Most of the data on the internet flow freely by simple orders but dealing with sensitive information like information of the credit cards needs a secure passage. The SSL allows the data of the credit card to be transmitted safely, So when you saw a lock symbol at the URL bar of your web browser this means the current website has SSL.


Merchant Account

Simply it’s a sort of bank account that allows your business to accept credit cards from online transactions payments. 

After understanding the operation, Do people prefer Ecommerce? YES 

Why Ecommerce?

Because we’re in 2019 people are stick to their smartphones and laptops, they check the internet as a daily routine, People search for their needs through mobile apps and websites before checking stores in the real life. The first choice became the smart solutions whatever the need. 

In accordance, Ecommerce allows the business to expand and high rates of reach, It’s enough to thought about the idea that your online store or ecommerce website can be checked from customers from all over the world. 

Also ecommerce gives you variety of marketing opportunities like using the SEO that allows the search engines to found your website and allows more people to check your products. Moreover you can use the social media campaigns and ads on different social media platforms that allows you to reach your target audience and grab their attention to your website. 

If you’re wondering how do people go into the ecommerce world, The answer is the 

Ecommerce Platforms

What’s the ecommerce platforms and Why do people use it? 

Ecommerce platform is a software application enable the online business to manage their websites.

People tend to use ecommerce platforms because not using it will lead them to one of two alternatives which are even building a website from scratch or using a plugin. The first alternative isn’t easy to be done for any business but the large companies, While the second option will not allow you grow legitimate business. So the ecommerce platforms seem to be a good choice.

There are many ecommerce platforms with different features and specifications, Such as (Magento – BigCommerce – Woocommerce – Shopify - ….etc) 

Some of them have better features others are cheaper, But every business owner will prefer what fits his needs. And we will take two examples “Shopify & WooCommerce “ in this topic to hold a limited comparison between them. 

                                                                           Shopify Vs WooCommerce


So you can conclude that which is better or which one won depends on your needs. Both of them are from the most famous ecommerce platforms.

Lastly, Ecommerce is now one of the most important industries worldwide. 

Amazon today is one of the top companies in the world the same for Alibaba.

So if you have the intention to expand your business, or start a one maybe you’d like to consider Ecommerce. 

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